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We are one of Finland’s leading experts in the employment sector and one of the fastest growing companies in our field. Our operations are based on our extensive experience and strong expertise in the sector.

A shortage of skilled staff often takes companies by surprise – thanks to our extensive network, we can find the right workers for you rapidly and cost-efficiently. Our services are not limited to recruiting; we also offer comprehensive personnel solutions.

Amiko is on the Private Employment Agencies Association’s list of 20 largest companies.

We connect the right companies and professionals

You can focus on your core expertise – we get the staff you need for you. We offer a range of staffing solutions to meet your needs. We are a staffing partner that adapts to changing situations, always offering the best services to your company and employees.

Get in touch and we can discuss your company’s staffing needs.

Our customers are a happy bunch

Our NPS rating has grown steadily each year.

In 2020, our NPS was 68. In our sector, this figure is close to the ‘World Class’ level.

In the staffing agency sector, the Net Promoter Score is on a scale of -100 to +100:

  • + 0 is “Good”
  • + 50 is “excellent”
  • + 70 is “world class”.

(Source: Survey Monkey Benchmarks)

In the Net Promoter Score method, customers are asked a single question that predicts how likely they are to return and to recommend the company to others: ‘How likely are you to recommend this company to friends or colleagues?’ The answer is provided on a scale of 0–10.

Temporary staffing services

Thanks to our extensive networks, we can find the right professionals for your company

Recruitment services

You can focus on your core expertise – we get the staff you need for you

Working life expert services

Amiko offers a wide range of HR services

Payroll administration

Amiko offers companies high-quality, efficient payroll services

Accountancy firm

Comprehensive, customer-specific accountancy services anywhere in Finland

System services

Software with experience spanning more than 30 years.