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We can offer numerous jobs in various fields and opportunities to work with different professionals – join the Amiko team!

Temporary agency work offers a fast lane to working life

The employment relationship of an agency worker is just as important as that of an employee employed directly by the company. Commitment in temporary agency work is mutual – the employer is committed to the worker and the worker is committed to the employer.

When you choose to work for Amiko, you gain quick access to work in your field and you can work the way you like, either full-time or part-time. We offer both regular daytime employment and shift work. Your needs matter, and we want you to be able to combine work and leisure with ease. As an Amiko team member, you are our employee for whom we take responsibility, even though you perform your work tasks for our customer.

As a member of the Private Employment Agencies Association, we are committed to develop the sector in its entirety with the other members.

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