Amiko Executive Search

Amiko Executive Search (AES) is specialised in the recruitment of staff for executive, middle management and specialist positions and for roles of operational importance.

Amico Group’s extensive HR services enable a wider offering and provide an option for services that help you obtain the best employees for your company or help you proceed in your career!

Our recruitment services

Executive search

(headhunting, executive search)
Through headhunting you can obtain employees that match the correct profile, from managerial to demanding expert roles.


Our staff recruitment services cover everything from job ads to job interviews and candidate testing.

Induction training

The induction training of new employees increases profitability and helps employees integrate into their new jobs faster.

Staffing and interim services

An interim or temporary manager can help your organisation through a period of change.
Our staffing services ensure that there are enough people available to meet the demand.


Our consultancy services help to increase your company’s profitability and employee well-being, and commit your management to developing your business further.

Management consultancy helps managers in personal development to increase their capabilities in their work.

We act as your partner with organisational changes that require change management.

We use Thomas service products to perform comprehensive aptitude assessments that help working communities develop their collaborative skills and support employees to understand various procedures.

Our services also include management assessments. When managers understand both their own mode of operation and others that differ from it, it is easier to act as an HR manager.

Our consultancy services also include career coaching, which involves working together to find the best ways to proceed in your career.

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For the job applicant

Find out about our open positions and submit an open application. We continuously have open managerial and leadership positions through discreet recruitment.
To find out more about open positions, send an email directly to

Take a step towards hiring the right person by sending us a LinkedIn contact request!

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